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Car Accident Attorneys in Wilmington & Dover

Top 100 Personal Injury LawyersThose injured in car accidents in Wilmington, Dover or Newark often have to manage serious injuries and also navigate the unfamiliar territory of insurance claims, such as:

•  demanding a settlement,
•  documenting injuries,
•  estimating value of damages,
•  negotiating with claim adjusters, and
•  filing a lawsuit.

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Hire an attorney who is trained to manage your claim so that you can focus on more important matters—like recovering from your injuries. Rest your claim in the capable hands of Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya, experienced car accident lawyers.

Wilmington & Dover Auto Accident Attorneys

Car accident attorneys in Wilmington and Dover perform vital functions at the onset of a claim:

•  Communicating with insurance companies
•  Evaluating the cause of the accident
•  Preserving evidence and witnesses
•  Determining liability factors
•  Devising a legal strategy

Our attorneys will help you decide what kind of a claim you have and the strongest legal method at hand to pursue a settlement in your Delaware car accident case. We have over 40 years of experience with all types of motor vehicle accidents and a desire to see our clients justly compensated.

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Delaware Auto Accident Claims Negotiation

insurance claims process delaware auto accidentDocumenting Injuries – Immediately after a serious auto accident occurs in Delaware, it is crucial to begin documenting all injuries. This includes personal or physical injuries and financial losses. In some instances, it will be helpful to take pictures of serious injuries, such as surgical wounds, extensive bruising, gashes, etc. Oftentimes, pictures can literally show insurance adjusters just how serious an injury is.

Documenting financial injuries or losses is crucial. Every medical bill and treatment expense should be documented. Receipts for related out of pocket expenses can add up, so it is important to keep receipts for miscellaneous items like medical supplies, over the counter medication and other incidentals like parking. If the injuries result in the inability to work, document the wage loss. Keep paystubs and any other records which document time lost from work, such as a doctor’s note.

Estimating Value of Damages – Getting an accurate picture of the extent or value of the damages requires documentation of the injuries and losses. From a medical standpoint, it is important to follow all orders of the treating physicians and surgeons. For example, if a doctor orders 6 weeks of physical therapy, be sure to complete the full 6 weeks. Failure to follow a doctor’s orders can lower the value of a claim; the defense may argue that the plaintiff failed to mitigate damages by disregarding a doctor’s orders.

Negotiating with Car Accident Insurance Claim Adjusters – Negotiating with insurance adjusters is an often lengthy process and begins with providing all documentation related to the case, such as medical records and evidence of financial losses. In some cases, it may be beneficial to begin the process prior to filing a lawsuit. This is accomplished by sending a pre-lawsuit demand to the claim adjuster at the insurance company for the at-fault driver. The demand letter explains the injuries and losses and may request a fair settlement amount. If the adjuster fails to respond or otherwise does not agree to a reasonable settlement, the next step is filing an auto accident lawsuit in Delaware.

Filing a Delaware Car Accident Lawsuit – In most cases, an auto accident lawsuit will be filed in the county were the accident occurred. Car accident lawsuits are very common in courts in Wilmington (New Castle County) and Dover (Kent County).

Once the lawsuit is filed, the parties will engage in discovery. During this phase of litigation, the parties exchange evidence and also depose each other and important witnesses. After this phase is completed, the court will hold a settlement conference. If the parties fail to reach a settlement, the case will be scheduled for trial. However, the vast majority of civil auto accident lawsuits in Delaware will settle prior to trial.


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