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Car accidents can take place at a busy intersection, a suburban street, or a quaint country road. They are the product of negligence and sometimes the unfortunate consequence of criminal activity.

Knepper & Stratton counsel and protect the rights of victims of an auto accident injury in Wilmington:

•  Car wrecks
•  Trucking collisions
•  Motorcycle crashes
•  Pedestrian incidents
•  Bicycle accidents

We use our experience with the many types of car collisions to strengthen our clients’ claims. We examine the details of your case and apply our focused knowledge of years of handling injury claims for car accidents in Wilmington.

Wilmington Car Accident Injury

Common Serious Injuries

The effect of an automobile accident injury on the human body is typically severe and long-lasting, if not permanent. Our bodies are not built to withstand the brutal collision of the speed and mass of heavy motor vehicles.

Auto accidents often produce injuries that require extensive medical care and ongoing treatment:

•  Brain damage
•  Emergency surgeries
•  Broken bones
•  Paralysis & spine damage
•  Extensive scarring
•  Amputation of limbs
•  Organ damage

Quality medical care after an automobile wrack is essential. It increases the chances and overall faculty for recovery. Victims are entitled to emergency care and medical treatment to manage the effects of their injury.

Knepper & Stratton fight for the victims of a Wilmington automobile accident injury in order to secure their right to care and treatment for their total health and well-being.

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