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Children, Teens & Bicycle Accidents in Delaware

Each year, roughly 50 children and teens between the ages of 0-19 are injured in bicycle accidents in Delaware. The annual number accounts for roughly 40% of all bicycle accident injuries in Delaware.

Delaware Bicycle Accident Injury Numbers by Age Group (Children & Teens) 2013-2015

2013 2014 2015
Age Group: 5-9 11 15 4
Age Group: 10-14 17 14 26
Age Group: 15-19 25 23 18
Sub Total: 53 52 48
Total Bicycle Accident Injuries (All Age Groups) 128 132 127

Data source: Delaware State Police, Annual Traffic Statistical Report 2015

The data in the above table shows that in the aggregate, the children and teen age groups have accounted for roughly 40% of the total number of bicycle accident injuries in the last three years (42%, 40% and 38%, respectively). This is a particularly high number, considering that children and teens (under age 18) make up about 20% of the total population in Delaware. This means that a mere 20% of the population in Delaware accounts for about 40% of the annual number of bicycle accident injuries per year.

In addition, bicycle accident data from 2015, compiled by the Delaware State Police, shows that individuals between the ages of 10-24 have the highest injury rates among all groups which include young children, adults, older adults and the elderly.

Delaware Bicycle Accident Injuries Age Group 2015 Data Chart

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

There are several factors which contribute to such high injury numbers among this age group: risky behavior and failure to use helmets. Parents must take the initiative and should discuss bicycle safety laws with their children and also ensure that their children use helmets. Under Delaware bicycle safety law, parents or guardians who fail to require children under the age of 18 to wear a bike helmet can be fined.

Bicycle Safety for Kids – Dos and Don’ts


  • Make sure the helmet fits properly.
  • Wear brightly colored clothing.
  • Ride on the correct side of the road (with traffic).
  • Obey all traffic signals and signs (including stop signs).
  • When riding with others, ride in a single file line.
  • Be aware of parked cars (doors opening or parked cars pulling into traffic).


  • Don’t ride while wearing flip flops or other loose shoes.
  • Don’t ride at dusk or after dark.
  • Don’t ride while wearing headphones.

Bicycle Accidents in Delaware – Legal Rights of Children & Teens Injured Due to a Negligent Driver

When children and teens are hit by cars while riding their bikes, serious injuries almost always occur. Parents are often faced with significant medical bills. Who pays for the medical bills? The answer depends on whether the striking car is insured in Delaware. If so, an injured child/teen is eligible for medical benefits coverage (also known as PIP, personal injury protection) under the car insurance policy of the striking vehicle. If the striking vehicle is licensed in another state, the child/teen would make a PIP claim under a parent’s auto insurance policy. Get more info about PIP benefits after a bicycle accident in Delaware.

In addition to the medical bills, the physical injuries cause pain and suffering and mental or emotional suffering. Is the child/teen able to obtain financial compensation? The answer depends on the facts of the accident, in particular how the accident occurred and whether another party caused the accident. Assuming the accident was caused by another party, the child/teen may have legal rights to compensation, by filing a legal claim against the negligent party. It is very important to seek advice from an experienced car accident lawyer in Delaware to determine legal rights in these situations.

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