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Major Auto Accident Hot Spots in Wilmington, Delaware

By a Wilmington, DE car accident injury lawyer

Common types of auto accidents in the greater Wilmington, Delaware area include:

  • car accidents,
  • commercial truck accidents, and
  • pedestrian accidents.

In addition, although less common, drunk driving injury accidents occur in Wilmington as well.

Several areas of Wilmington are hot spots for car accidents. Auto accidents in and around Wilmington tend to occur with more frequency on certain highways and roads.

Interstate 95/495

Highway auto accidents in Wilmington often involve major injuries. This is due to high-speed collisions. The speed limits on Interstate 95 and 495 in the Wilmington area may be as high as 65 miles per hour. Truck accidents and passenger auto accidents are often deadly. Drivers and passengers often suffer brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and major fractured bones.

For example, the driver of a tractor-trailer falls asleep at the wheel on Interstate 95 in Wilmington. As a result, the tractor-trailer collides with a small passenger car in an adjacent lane. Naturally, the passenger car suffers heavy damage. The driver of the passenger car must be extricated from the car; the injuries are catastrophic.

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Concord Pike (Route 202)

There are many auto accidents on Concord Pike or Route 202 in the Wilmington area. This is because Concord Pike tends to be a commercial area. There are many businesses like restaurants, shopping plazas, etc., on Concord Pike. This means that there are many intersection accidents and rear-end accidents, both of which can and do result in serious injuries. Intersection and rear-end accidents can cause second collisions. For instance, a driver making a turn onto Concord Pike in Wilmington can cause two collisions. Initially, the driver fails to observe the red light and strikes an oncoming car. As a result, the other driver is pushed into another lane and is hit by another car.

Dupont Highway (Route 13)

Dupont Highway or Route 13 extends through downtown Wilmington. Pedestrian and bus accidents are very common in the downtown Wilmington area. This is due to the level of activity downtown. Like highway auto accidents, pedestrian accidents tend to result in catastrophic injuries simply because pedestrians have no protection from the impacts. In addition to pedestrian and bus accidents, car and truck accidents are also common on Dupont Highway, both in and outside of Wilmington.

Other roadways in the greater Wilmington, Delaware area see their fair share of auto accidents as well. They include:

  • Pulaski Highway (Route 40),
  • Kirkwood Highway (Route 2), and
  • Limestone Road (Route 7).

Legal Rights – Wilmington, Delaware Car Accidents

Drivers, passengers and pedestrians who are injured in Wilmington auto accidents through no fault of their own have legal rights to obtain financial compensation. Delaware courts are relatively pro-plaintiff when compared to neighboring states such as Pennsylvania or New Jersey. In fact, Delaware courts have consistently interpreted Delaware auto insurance laws to promote compensation for those injured in car accidents.

Injured parties may recover the following:

  • medical bills (in excess of PIP),
  • lost wages (in excess of PIP),
  • other out of pocket expenses, and
  • pain and suffering.

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