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Children & Pedestrian Accidents in Delaware

Pedestrian auto accidents are one of the worst types of car accidents in terms of the level of resulting injuries. Major body trauma such as spinal injuries, brain injuries and fractured bones are very common.

So far this year, pedestrian auto accidents in Delaware have claimed the lives of roughly 20 people. That’s about 1 pedestrian death every 2-3 weeks. Just last month, a man in Dover was killed while trying to cross Dupont Highway.

Children are especially vulnerable when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Due to inexperience and the relative size of children compared to the size of cars and trucks, child pedestrian accidents are often fatal.

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Parents – 5 Tips to Talk to Your Children
About Pedestrian Safety

  1. Pedestrians should never assume that drivers can see them. In fact, it’s safer to assume the opposite; drivers don’t see pedestrians. Parents should discuss this important detail with their young children. Tell young children that they look like ghosts to drivers on the road.
  2. Cross only at crosswalks and intersections with traffic signals. It is important to look both ways. Look left, then right, then left again.
  3. Pedestrians should not cross outside of a crosswalk just for the sake of convenience. This is especially true on high speed roads and in busy areas, such as near a major shopping plaza or mall. Drivers are often distracted near busy areas and aren’t always paying attention to pedestrian traffic.
  4. Use sidewalks. In areas without sidewalks, pedestrians should walk facing traffic and as close to the edge of the road as possible.
  5. Carry a flashlight or other reflective item when walking at night. This is probably the single most important factor for preventing pedestrian accidents at night. Carrying a flashlight or wearing reflective gear makes it more likely that drivers will see you.

Tips for Older Children

Once children reach the older teen years and then head off to college, parents often cease safety talks. Teens and young adults need reminders about safe driving and safe pedestrian habits. Here are 3 things parents should discuss with their older children.

  1. Crossing the street when under the influence of drugs or alcohol can result in pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol will often make the wrong choice when it comes to crossing a street. For instance, a drunk pedestrian may cross the street without first checking oncoming traffic and as a result, gets hit by a car.
  2. Likewise, using a cell phone to talk, dial a number, text, email, etc., is very dangerous for the same reasons discussed in #1 above. Pedestrian injuries due to use of a cell phone have been increasing in recent years.
  3. If your car breaks down, don’t leave the vehicle and walk on the roadway to get help. Call 911 instead. If your vehicle breaks down while in Delaware, you can dial #77 from your phone to get help.

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