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Damage Claims in Truck Accident Lawsuits in Delaware, Can You Receive Financial Compensation? (Part 2)

Part 2 – Economic Losses (Medical Bills & Lost Wages)

Truck accident injuries are usually very serious. Medical bills can easily exceed thousands of dollars, and in many instances, an injured individual is unable to return to work for extended periods of time.

Financial Compensation in a Truck Accident Case

In truck accident cases in Delaware, injured drivers and passengers may be able to recover the following types of damages:

  1. Pain and Suffering
  2. Medical Bills in Excess of PIP
  3. Lost Wages in Excess of PIP
  4. Loss of future earnings

Below is a discussion of how medical bills and lost wage claims are made in truck accident cases. Click here for a discussion about pain and suffering damages.

How PIP Works in Delaware Auto Accident Cases

Under Delaware car insurance law, certain expenses such as medical bills, lost wages and funeral expenses are paid by PIP (personal injury protection), a specific type of car insurance coverage.

Residents of Delaware who are injured in car, truck or pedestrian accidents are often surprised to learn that their medical bills and lost wages will usually be paid their own car insurance companies, up to the amount of PIP (personal injury protection) coverage selected, which varies from policy to policy.

The state required minimum PIP coverage in Delaware is $15,000. This means that Delaware residents who own cars registered in this state must purchase car insurance coverage with a minimum of $15,000 of PIP coverage. Many residents of Delaware purchase higher coverage amounts, such as $50,000 or $100,000.

It is important to note that there are many nuances to PIP recovery. For instance, in most cases passengers will look to the PIP policy of the car they were riding in before they look to their own policies. If you have a question about making a PIP claim, you should speak to an experienced car accident lawyer in Delaware.

Medical Bills & Lost Wages in Excess of PIP

Individuals who suffer major injuries in a car or truck accident often exhaust PIP coverage quickly, especially if the only PIP coverage available is a bare bones policy ($15,000). Between medical bills and lost wages, the benefits provided by the PIP policy are often not enough to cover all the financial losses. In these kinds of situations, an injured individual may be able to recover their financial losses by filing a lawsuit against the driver who was responsible for causing the accident.

For example, an individual injured in a truck accident suffers major head trauma and loses their job as a result. The medical bills totaled $25,000 and the lost wages totaled $50,000, for a combined total of $75,000. The individual’s PIP coverage maxed out at $15,000. Therefore, there is a shortage of $60,000. Here, the injured individual may file a Delaware car accident lawsuit against the negligent driver to recover the remaining damages, in addition to pain and suffering damages.

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