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Pedestrian Accident Prevention, by a Delaware Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian safety should be on our minds as we venture outside for events and summertime fun. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are common throughout the State of Delaware. New Castle County which is the smallest and most populated county in Delaware sees the most pedestrian accidents each year, followed by Sussex and then Kent County.

Pedestrian Accidents in Delaware on the Rise

There has been an increase in the number of pedestrian accidents in Delaware over the last several years. In 2008, there were 274 pedestrian accidents in Delaware and in 2009, there were 277. In 2010, there was an alarming increase in the number of pedestrian accidents in Delaware.

Delaware pedestrian accidents by county

According to the Delaware State Police, there were a total of 408 pedestrian accidents throughout the state of Delaware in 2010.

The vast majority of those accidents occurred in New Castle County (295 or 72%). There were 58 pedestrian accidents in Sussex County, and 55 in Kent County.


Pedestrian Accidents in Wilmington

Wilmington is the largest city in Delaware and hosts many businesses and schools which are hubs of pedestrian activity. University of Delaware and Widener University both have campus locations in Wilmington. In addition, businesses like Bank of America, Christiana Care Health System and Dupont employ thousands in the greater Wilmington area.

As summer approaches and more folks are walking around, we can certainly expect many pedestrian accidents to occur in the Wilmington area. Awareness is crucial in prevention of pedestrian accidents. Below are three simple tips to avoid a pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian Accident Prevention Tips

1. Put your phone away and don’t wear headphones.

This is a very common problem today. More and more pedestrians are using smartphones to text, email, surf the internet, etc. Using a cell phone as a pedestrian can result in an accident and serious injuries. Also, using headphones when walking can be just as dangerous.

2. Always lookout for cars.

This sounds obvious, but drivers often do not see or notice pedestrians until it is too late. For nighttime joggers and walkers, it important to wear bright, reflective clothing. Pedestrians cannot assume that a driver will see them, even in broad daylight.

pedestrian crosswalk accident3. Use sidewalks and crosswalks.

Unless otherwise directed by a police officer, pedestrians should not walk in an area of a roadway that is not intended for pedestrians.  Pedestrians must be cautious of walking in areas which are dark, overgrown with bushes, etc. Pedestrians simply cannot assume that drivers will see them in such areas. Although the safest choice is to use a marked crosswalk, car-pedestrian accidents still occur when a pedestrian is lawfully within a marked crosswalk.

Delaware Pedestrian Accident Law

Under the accident laws of Delaware, those injured in pedestrian accidents may have legal rights to receive financial compensation for injuries and financial losses sustained as a result of the accident. For example, a pedestrian who is lawfully in a crosswalk and struck by a car may be able to obtain fair and just compensation for the injuries, including time lost from work and pain and suffering damages. Read about Delaware pedestrian accident right-of-way laws.

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