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Delaware Persons Under 21 Drinking and Driving – 21 Del. Code § 4177L
“Zero Tolerance” – Full Text

§ 4177L. Driving by persons under the age of 21 after consumption of alcohol; penalties.

(a) Whoever, being under the age of 21 years, drives, operates or has actual physical control of a vehicle, an off-highway vehicle or a moped while consuming or after having consumed alcoholic liquor shall have that person’s driver’s license and/or privileges revoked for a period of 2 months for the first offense and not less than 6 months nor more than 12 months for each subsequent offense. If the underage person does not have a driver’s license and/or privileges, the person shall be fined $200 for the first offense and not less than $400 nor more than $1,000 for each subsequent offense.

(b) In any proceeding under this section, evidence may be admitted of the amount of alcohol in the blood or breath of such underage person as determined by a specimen taken within 4 hours of the time when such person is alleged to have driven, operated or been in control of a vehicle after having consumed alcoholic liquor as shown by an analysis of that person’s breath, blood, urine, or saliva. Evidence that there was at the time of the test an alcohol concentration of .02 or more in that person’s blood or breath is per se evidence that the person had consumed alcoholic liquor. “Alcohol concentration of .02 or more in that person’s blood or breath” shall mean (1) an amount of alcohol in a sample of a person’s blood equivalent to .02 or more grams of alcohol per hundred milliliters of blood; or (2) an amount of alcohol in a sample of a person’s breath equivalent to .02 or more grams per 210 liters of breath. This provision shall not preclude a conviction based upon other admissible evidence.

(c) In addition to any other powers of arrest, any police officer is hereby authorized to arrest without a warrant any person who the officer has probable cause to believe has violated the provisions of this section, regardless of whether the alleged violation was committed in the presence of such officer.

(d) In addition to any penalty for a violation of subsection (a) of this section, the court shall order the person to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation and to complete a program of education or rehabilitation pursuant to § 4177D of this title.

*Current as of February 16, 2013

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