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Delaware Implied Consent Law – Length of Revocation – 21 Del. Code § 2740 & 2741 – Full Text


§ 2740. Consent to submit to chemical test; probable cause; test required.

(a) Any person who drives, operates or has in actual physical control a vehicle, an off-highway vehicle, or a moped within this State shall be deemed to have given consent, subject to this section and §§ 4177 and 4177L of this title to a chemical test or tests of that person’s blood, breath and/or urine for the purpose of determining the presence of alcohol or a drug or drugs. The testing may be required of a person when an officer has probable cause to believe the person was driving, operating or in physical control of a vehicle in violation of §§ 4177 and 4177L or § 2742 of this title, or a local ordinance substantially conforming thereto.

(b) The testing shall be required of a person when an officer has probable cause to believe the person was driving, operating or in physical control of a vehicle in violation of § 4177 or § 2742 of this title or a local ordinance substantially conforming thereto and was involved in an accident which resulted in a person’s death. In the event of a fatal accident if the officer does not believe that probable cause exists to require testing, then the officer shall file a written report outlining the reasons for that determination.


§ 2741. Administration of test; refusal to take test.

(a) At the time a chemical test specimen is required, the person may be informed that if testing is refused, the person’s driver’s license and/or driving privilege shall be (1) revoked for a period of at least 1 year if a violation of § 4177 is alleged; or (2) revoked for a period of at least 2 months if a violation of § 4177L is alleged. The test(s) shall be administered by qualified personnel, as defined in § 2746 of this title, at the direction of the police officer who shall designate which of the tests shall be administered.

(b) If there are reasonable grounds to believe that there is impairment by a drug or drugs which are not readily subject to detection by a breath test, a blood and/or urine test may be required even after a breath test has been administered.

(c) The fact that the police officer offered or required a person to submit to a preliminary screening test of the person’s breath in order to estimate the alcohol concentration of the person’s blood, at the scene of the stop or other initial encounter between the officer and the person, shall have no bearing upon the implied consent provisions of this chapter. Refusal to take such a preliminary screening test shall not be deemed an implied consent violation nor shall the taking of such a test satisfy the requirements of the implied consent law.
*Current as of October 31, 2008

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