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Delaware Car Accident Law: Claims for PIP & Insurance

Below you will find car accident legal articles related to PIP (personal injury protection) claims and other insurance issues. The following articles are for information only. For legal advice about your specific situation, please contact our office. (302) 658-1717

  • Delaware Car Accident Injury Law – Compensation for Lost Pay or Wages (May 10th, 2020)
    Can you get compensated for lost wages after a car accident in Delaware? There are two ways to get compensated: 1. a PIP claim or 2. a claim against the at-fault driver.
  • Delaware Car Accident Law: A Child’s Legal Rights to Medical Bill Coverage (PIP Benefits) (April 25th, 2020)
    Children injured in Delaware car accidents may be eligible for PIP benefits (medical bills) via car insurance policies covering the cars involved in the accidents. Under Delaware law, children who are injured as drivers, passengers, pedestrians or bike riders may get up to $15,000 of medical bills covered by an applicable auto insurance policy.
  • UIM & UM Claims in Delaware & Time Deadline to File (October 23rd, 2018)
    UIM/UM claims explained by Delaware car accident lawyers in Dover and Wilmington at Knepper Stratton. When do you make a UIM/UM claim and what’s the time deadline to file?
  • Delaware Car Accidents Due to Snow, Icy Roads – Legal Info About Injury Claims (May 03rd, 2018)
    Injury Claims After a Snow or Ice Related Car Accident in Delaware In the winter, car accidents in Delaware often occur due to snow and icy roads. Depending on the severity of the accident, an injury claim may be necessary. In general, there are two types of injury claims: PIP claims and bodily injury liability claims ...
  • Delaware Car Accidents & PIP Benefits – Who is Eligible? (November 30th, 2017)
    PIP benefits in Delaware are available to occupants (drivers and passengers) of cars involved in accidents in Delaware. Non-occupants (bike riders and pedestrians) can also make PIP claims. Learn about PIP eligibility for Wilmington and Dover, DE car accidents.
  • Filing an Insurance Claim After a Car Accident in Delaware When You’re Not at Fault – What to Know (October 02nd, 2017)
    Free legal info about filing an insurance claim for a car accident in Delaware when you’re not at fault. Info about medical benefits (PIP), property damage and third party liability (car accident lawsuits).
  • Delaware Car Insurance Law Changes, Effective December 2017 (August 15th, 2017)
    Effective December 13, 2017, Delaware car insurance limits will be $25,000/$50,000 (up from $15,000/$30,000). This applies to all new policies as of December 13. For existing policies, the new limits will go into effect during renewal periods.
  • Drivers from Maryland, Pennsylvania or New Jersey – How Do Your Medical Bills Get Paid After an Auto Accident in Delaware? (February 10th, 2017)
    How do medical bills get paid for Maryland, Pennsylvania or New Jersey drivers who are injured in auto accidents in Delaware? Learn about personal injury protection benefits for out of state drivers.
  • Delaware Bicycle Accident Injuries – What Delaware Residents & Visitors Should Know About PIP Claims (July 12th, 2016)
    An explanation of Delaware bicycle-auto accident law and PIP claims after a bicycle accident in Delaware. Learn about what residents & visitors should know about getting medical bills paid after a bicycle accident.
  • Delaware Car Accident Law – PIP Benefits & Eligibility, Recent Court Rules Against Ins. Co. (June 02nd, 2016)
    A look at Delaware car accident law, PIP eligibility. Last month, the Delaware Supreme Court ruled in favor of a student who was hit by a car just before boarding a school bus.
  • Delaware’s Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements – Too Little Protection for Auto Accident Injuries (December 14th, 2015)
    Too often, Delaware residents purchase minimum auto insurance coverage such as minimum PIP (personal injury protection) or minimal UIM/UM (underinsured and uninsured) motorist coverage. When a serious traffic accident happens, minimum coverage can wreak financial havoc. Here, our experienced auto injury lawyers discuss the pitfalls of minimum auto insurance coverage policies.
  • Motorcycle Accidents in Delaware – Insurance (PIP) Coverage Issues (September 12th, 2015)
    Motorcycle accidents in Delaware often result in major injuries, whether a car hits a motorcycle from behind or a motorcycle operator swerves to avoid an accident. The reason for this is simple – there is literally nothing that separates motorcycle operators and passengers from the outside elements. A low impact auto accident can cause a motorcycle ...
  • Delaware Hit & Run Auto Accident Law – Underinsured Motorist Coverage (July 10th, 2015)
    In some hit and run accident situations in Delaware, the at-fault driver will actually be located. Earlier this year, a pedestrian in Newark was killed by an alleged hit and run driver who was later found and charged with DUI. In other situations, the driver will never be located. This is especially true for hit and ...
  • Delaware Auto Insurance Policies – Minimum Requirements (June 30th, 2015)
    Buying car insurance in Delaware is very important, just as important as homeowners insurance. It’s probably more important, considering that the odds of getting into a car or truck accident are pretty high. After all, there are about 20,000 auto accidents in this state each year, and roughly 8,000 people are injured in auto accidents. ...
  • Work-Related Auto Accident Injuries in Delaware – Can You Receive Financial Compensation? (May 18th, 2015)
    Many Delaware residents are injured in auto accidents while traveling or driving for work purposes. For instance, an employee making a delivery for the employer may be injured in a car accident, or a home health aide who travels to/from patients’ homes may be injured in a car accident while driving to a patient’s home. What ...
  • PIP Claims & Pedestrian Accidents in Delaware (March 09th, 2015)
    Delaware PIP law is very complex, and eligibility depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. Different PIP laws and rules apply depending on the status of the at-fault driver and the status of the injured individual. Was the injured individual a passenger? If so, there is a set of rules which apply for ...
  • Delaware Pedestrian and Bicyclist Auto Accidents – PIP Benefits & Lawsuits (February 18th, 2015)
    Many Delaware residents bike or walk to work. This is especially true in New Castle County. While the number of people who walk to work has remained steady over the past decade or so, the number of people who bike to work has steadily increased. On average, a little over 9,600 people walk to work ...
  • Reserving PIP for Lost Wages, by a Wilmington Car Accident Injury Lawyer (November 13th, 2014)
    Personal injury protection (PIP) claims in Delaware are probably the most complex types of insurance claims and can result in lawsuits against car insurance companies. This is especially true in serious injury auto accident cases such as intersection accidents, pedestrian accidents, etc. Below is a discussion of PIP coverage and the importance of reserving PIP for ...
  • Financial Compensation After Delaware Car Accidents – Top 2 Claims (November 11th, 2014)
    In the aftermath of a car, truck or pedestrian accident in Delaware, injured drivers and passengers often feel overwhelmed when dealing with the insurance process. Dealing with a property damage claim on top of figuring out how to get medical bills paid can be incredibly stressful. Part of the stress is in not knowing what ...
  • Delaware Car Accident Injury Lawyer Answers “What is UIM?” (October 30th, 2014)
    UIM or underinsured motorist coverage is probably one of the most commonly misunderstood types of car accident insurance coverage available in Delaware. In fact, many Delaware residents who are injured in car, truck or pedestrian accidents often have no idea what UIM is, let alone whether they even purchased this important coverage on their auto ...
  • Delaware Auto Accident Insurance Claims – Are You Eligible for PIP Coverage? (October 13th, 2014)
    Delaware residents who are injured in auto accidents are often unaware of how PIP (personal injury protection) coverage works. PIP coverage in Delaware is mandatory on every car insurance policy issued in the state. It covers medical bills, lost wages, and other types of financial losses such as funeral expenses and certain household expenses. The ...
  • How to Make a UIM/UM Claim in Delaware (May 23rd, 2014)
     General Info About UIM/UM Claims in Delaware Underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) is available to an injured driver if and only if the injured driver was in an accident caused by another party and the injured driver’s damages exceed the at-fault driver’s bodily injury insurance coverage amount. Basically, the at-fault driver is “underinsured” or did not obtain ...
  • Making UIM/UM Claims After Delaware Car-Truck Accidents (Part 2) (May 05th, 2014)
    Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is one of the most important types of car insurance coverage a Delaware resident can purchase. It is also one of the most confusing types of coverage. Many individuals injured in car accidents do not even know what UIM/UM coverage is, let alone, whether they purchased it. Click here for part ...
  • Delaware Underinsured/Uninsured Car Insurance Coverage Law Amended, Effective January 3, 2014 (January 14th, 2014)
    This past summer, the Delaware legislature amended Delaware’s underinsured/uninsured (UIM/UM) motorist coverage law. Senate Bill 61 passed in both the House and Senate and was signed into law by Governor Markell, with an effective date of January 3, 2014. The newly amended law, Title 18 Delaware Code § 3902, drastically changes the circumstances in which ...

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