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Delaware Auto Accident Fatalities – As of March 2015

Auto accident deaths are up in the first few months of 2015, as compared to last year. So far this year, there have been 17 auto accident fatalities in Delaware. In 2014, during the same period, there were 11 deaths.

A Comparison of Fatal Auto Accidents in Delaware (January 1 to March 8)






A. Accidents involving Alcohol (DUI)



B. Number of Occupants



C. Seat Belts Worn



D. Seat Belts NOT Worn



E. Seat Belt Use Unknown



F. Motorcycle Fatalities



G. Pedestrian Fatalities



H. Bicycle Fatalities



*Data from the Delaware Office of Highway Safety

According to a news release from the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, in 2014, there were 125 traffic accident deaths in Delaware, up by about 20% from the prior year (see In 2013, there were 101 auto accident deaths. The increase from 2014 to 2013 is quite large, and if the trend for 2015 continues, we’re on track to exceed 125 deaths this year.

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There are three statistics in the table above which warrant further discussion:

  • seat belt use,
  • pedestrian accident deaths, and
  • bicycle accident deaths.

Seat Belt Use & Car Accidents in Delaware

The above numbers show that in fatal auto accidents this year, seat belt use has been a problem when compared to 2014. Categories C, D and E in the table above show that more accidents this year have involved the failure to wear a seat belt.

One of the most common reasons for auto accident deaths in this country is failure to use a seat belt. As in most states, it is illegal in Delaware to drive or otherwise occupy a car without wearing a seat belt. The driver can be fined for each occupant who is not wearing a seat belt. In addition, failure to wear a seat belt is a primary offense, meaning an officer can pull you over if you or an occupant is not wearing a seat belt. More importantly, wearing a seat belt decreases your chances of being seriously injured or killed in a car accident by about 50%.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accident Deaths

Categories G and H above show that pedestrian and bicycle accident fatalities are up so far in 2015. In 2014, there were 27 pedestrian accident deaths and 3 bicycle accident deaths, and in 2013, the numbers were 26 and 2, respectively.

Pedestrian Accident Deaths

Bicycle Accident Deaths








6 (as of 3/8/15)

2 (as of 3/8/15)

The reality is that pedestrian and bike accidents often result in fatalities. Drivers must be on the lookout for pedestrians and bicyclists on the road. In addition, pedestrians and bike riders must be cautious, especially when out at night. Wearing reflective clothing and being aware of surroundings can prevent these kinds of traffic accidents.

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Unfortunately, it looks as though serious traffic accidents in Delaware will result in a higher number of deaths than in previous years. Delaware drivers can prevent accidents by practicing safe, defensive driving techniques and avoiding cell phone use when driving, and of course, no one should drink and drive.

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