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Delaware Drivers Beware – Cell Phone Citation Campaign Picks Up in April 2013

Distracted driving is a major cause of car, truck and pedestrian accidents not only in the U.S., but also in Delaware. Whether it’s to dial a phone number or text a short message, using a cell phone when driving causes drivers to take their eyes off the road. At high speeds, a car or truck accident can lead to significant injuries or death.

Delaware is one of many states which bans all use of cell phones when driving. While some states like Pennsylvania allow talking on a cell phone when driving, Delaware only allows use of a hands free device. Despite Delaware’s ban, talking, texting, emailing, and surfing the internet still result in dozens of car accidents and thousands of cell phone citations per year.

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Delaware’s Car Accident Prevention Campaign – “Phone in One Hand. Ticket in the Other”

The state of Delaware is conducting three waves of increased enforcement of its cell phone ban. The “Phone in One Hand. Ticket in the Other” campaign, which began last year, is part of a grant funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The first wave of increased enforcement was conducted during two weeks in November 2012 and netted nearly 2,000 citations. On average, law enforcement in Greenwood, Newport, Ocean View, and Smyrna issued more than one cell phone citation per hour.

The second wave is scheduled to occur next month from April 9-22. The third and final wave is scheduled to take place from June 4-16, when countless Delaware residents will be headed to Delaware’s beach towns for vacation.

Some of Delaware’s major roadways are highways where speed limits often exceed 55 miles per hour. Cell phone use when driving is not only illegal in this state, but is inherently dangerous. Drivers can avoid causing accidents by putting their cell phones down. That phone call or text can wait.

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